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The Quest of the Argonauts

Vassil Bojkov Collection


Silver horn rhyton with ram head finial and figural representations

The rhyton with a ram head modeled in detail is the largest item so far discovered in Thracian lands. The upper part of the plain smoothly curving horn is decorated with an ivy wreath under which an animal-combat scene is represented. Four human figures rendered very expressively by a strict outline and with minute details are arranged in two fields. They represented most probably the obscure story about Poseidon and Melanippe, and their two sons-twins Aeolus and Boeotus. The ram’s head modeled realistically is attached to the vessel body by a relief decorated ring. The drinking opening is placed in the animal’s mouth. The decorative elements, human and animal figures, as well as the relief band are gilded. This large horn-rhyton is dated at 410-400 BC.



European year of cultural heritage 2018