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From Athens and Ionia to Thrace and Scythia

We are inviting you to explore the legends of ancient silverware and its relations to Early Archaic and Early Hellenistic rituals in the open lecture LEGENDS ON SILVER. From Ionia and Athens to Thrace and Scythia with
Prof. Dr. Athanasios Sideris, Head curator of Thrace Foundation.


When: 3rd May 2018, Thursday 18:30

Where: National Gallery – The Palace – Map

Please note that the lecture will be held in English. Headphones with translation in Bulgarian will be available.

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From Athens and Ionia to Thrace and Scythia


A series of silver artifacts of exceptionally high quality craftsmanship are found in Thrace and Scythia between the Early Archaic and the Early Hellenistic periods (late 7th to late 4th centuries BC). They are mostly related to the custom of male drinking parties (symposia), introduced from the Orient and further propagated by the Greeks. These vessels and utensils often bear figurative decoration of mythological, epic, and religious inspiration, and they have been created first in Ionian centers, and later on in Athens and Macedonia.

Prof. Sideris will examine the popularity of some legends represented on the silver ware, and their connections to the local traditions. He will also discuss the ways of acquisition and circulation of these luxury items, of which the largest and most representative assemblage belong to the Vassil Bojkov Collection. Diplomatic affairs, trade policies, and political alliances will be also addressed in a synthetic way, aiming to make intelligible the cultural frame, in which such social models have been adopted and adapted by the local elites.

Prof. Dr. Athanasios Sideris

Prof. Sideris is the Head Curator of The Thrace Foundation and a classical archaeologist with a solid background in history and art history. He obtained his PhD on metal vases from the Université de Bourgogne and is the author of Metal Vases & Utensils, a special collectible archaeological publication. The book features an impressive selection of bronze, silver and gold vessels ranging from the 8th to the 1st centuries BC.

Prof. Sideris has participated in more than 50 national and EU funded projects on cultural heritage, and he was the scientific director for 22 of them. For fifteen years, he was director of the History and Archaeology Department in the Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens. During that time, he led a multitude of projects related to the digitization of cultural resources, especially in the field of Virtual Reality, and mostly in collaboration with eminent European institutions, such as the Louvre, King’s College in London, the Allard Pierson Museum, and the University of Edinburgh.

His research interests encompass the economy and ecology of the Greek world, the toreutic artifacts and especially the metal vases, the Achaemenid art, the Phokian & Boeotian history and archaeology, the Graeco-Thracian & Greco-Scythian contacts, and the reception of Classics in the modern world. Dr. Sideris has in the past studied and prepared for publication toreutic artifacts from, among others, the George Ortiz Collection in Geneva, the Benaki Museum in Athens, the Shelby White Collection in New York, and the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

Sideris is currently an affiliated professor of Charles University (Prague), as well as an affiliated researcher in the University of the Aegean (Rhodes, GR).

He dedicates his spare time to the things he enjoys most – photography, traveling, botany, and scuba-diving.

Extended CV, updated list of publications, and more on his professional and disseminating activities can be found in the following addresses:



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