Vasil Bojkov - Thrace Foundation
Vasil Bojkov

Vasil Bojkov (Vassil Bozhkov) Vasil Bojkov was born in Velingrad, Bulgaria, in 1956. He graduated from the National High School of Mathematics – Sofia. He got his MS degrees in Mathematics and Economics from “St. Kliment Ohridsky” Sofia University, from University of National and World Economy, Sofia, as well from University of Buenos Aires.

He is one of the most renowned patrons of art and an antique collector. In the course of time Vasil Bojkov has gathered, preserved and built up a unique, to world standards, collection of ancient artifacts. In 2004 he established Thrace Foundation among whose members are brilliant scholars of international reputation. Objects from Vasil Bojkov Collection have been exhibited in celebrated museums in a number of European capital cities. After the organization started its activity, Vasil Bojkov private Museum was founded, as well as one of the most up-to-date conservation laboratories in Europe.

Vasil Bojkov’s contributions to culture and business are internationally acknowledged:

He is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences since 2000.

In 2005 he became an Honorary Director of IBC – Cambridge for Europe. The same year he was universally recognized for his contribution and achievement in Economics by the World Congress of Art, Science and Communications.

In 2005 he received the „American Medal of Honor” for his exclusive achievements in business and economics (by the American Biographical Institute, USA).

Mr. Bojkov is a senator at the Congress of World Nations.

Since 2007 he has been the General Ambassador of United Cultural Convention. Nobel prize-winner of the American Biographical Institute.